Thursday, April 23, 2009

Game characters

Ugh... i should not have stayed up till 3am to finish these D: (esp since i had to be up at 8-830am)

Anyway... for a project i am doing, with two friends from school, is based off the idea of a bishoujo game or a dating sim type thing. Its about this guy who goes to Japan with his buddies trying to find love. LOOL

its super funny.

Well, my job is to make the characters and their different expressions for the game. Well, im still in the design phase (while the script is being finished) so, heres what i have as of last night. These clothes will probably change.. but, for now.. they are what i got.

The characters include:
>>His best friend
>>Best friend's girlfriend
>>Love intrest
>>Japanese guide (for fun facts about japan and whatnot)
>>Love intrest's friend
>>Female friend

One response to “Game characters”

FDWoodward said...

I love your style so much Kripers <3