Saturday, August 1, 2009

155 DAYS

instead of doing the 100 things list.. im going to draw everyday till January 1st, 2010. Each piece will be inspired by a song.
I dont know the quality of each piece or the media of each.. but, i will try to draw every single day. PLEASE COMMENT WITH SOME SONGS YOU GUYS LIKE AND IF I LIKE THEM, ILL ADD EM TO THE LIST~! <3

DAY 1: The Fray "You found me"
DAY 2: Pink "Bad Influence"
DAY 3: The Red Thread "Wax Museum"
DAY 4: Rob Thomas "Someday"
DAY 5: Blaise Plant "Get up and Dance"
DAY 6: DBSK "Stand by U"
DAY 7: Catherine Feeny "Mr. Blue"
DAY 8: Jamelia "Superstar"
DAY 9: Ryuichi Sakamoto "Energy Flow"
DAY 10: Jonny Lang "One person at a time"
DAY 11: Monkey Majik "1 more night"
DAY 12: Three Plus "Honey Baby"
DAY 13: Shayne Ward "Breathless"
DAY 14: Radwimps "Iin desu ka"
DAY 15: Lilly Allen "The Fear"
DAY 16: The Strokes "Soma"
DAY 17: Band of Horses "Is There a Ghost"
DAY 18: GNR "Sweet Child O' Mine"
DAY 19: Counting Crows "Accidentally in Love"
DAY 20: Richard Marx "Right Here Waiting"
DAY 21: Yiruma "River Flows in You"
DAY 22: Yiruma "Til I Find You"
DAY 23: Suzanne Teng "Medicine Wheel"
DAY 24: (idk the artist) "No Acrobat"
DAY 25: Ozone "Numa numa"
DAY 26: Crazy Loop "(Ma-ma-mama)Crazy loop"
DAY 27: JJLin "Sa Rang Hae Yo"
DAY 28: JJLin "Sha Shou"
DAY 29: JJLin "Hurray"
DAY 30: DSBK "Why did i fall in love with you?"
DAY 31: Thomas Fersen "Monsieur"
DAY 32: Prince "Little Red Corvette"
DAY 33: Kevin Borg "Street Lights"
DAY 34: Huey Lewis and the News "Stuck with you"
DAY 35: Matt Nathanson "Come on get higher"
DAY 36: The Raconteurs "Steady As She Goes"
DAY 37: Kim Jung Hoon "Sirius"
DAY 38: Kate Nash "Merry Happy"
DAY 39: The Fratellis "Henrietta"
DAY 40: Rob Thomas "Wonderful"


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